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YNW BSlime Keeps an Eye on His Haters in New Freestyle

via: XXL

At just 12 years old, Florida rapper YNW BSlime is already making waves. The younger brother of YNW Melly stands out through his youthful voice and good sense of melody, putting together bright, thumping songs about the streets, getting money and the girls on his mind. His biggest song so far is "Slime Dreams," a thoughtful ode to tough times on the block. The song is creeping up on 10 million YouTube views and his new song, "Just Want You," has hit 3 million in a month. BSlime is carrying the YNW torch well. Ahead of his debut album, Baby GOAT, the youthful rhymer stopped by the XXL office to drop a freestyle and let us know about his start.

The young Vero Beach, Fla, native starts his verse with a warning. "Where I'm from we play for keeps, we don't ever play for fake," he sings. "If you run up on a youngin' then your soul he gon' take."

He also keeps his eyes on his haters. "Wait a minute, can't you see/I'm just tellin' you how it be/Gotta move in silence in the G/Know a couple homies, rest in peace/You can see the envy all in the eyes, they hate me/But don't plan to run up on me, so safety," the independent artist raps.

YNW BSlime has been rapping for a short time, starting at a place where most rappers do: school. "I was freestyling at the lunch tables in 6th grade," he shares, before reciting the rap he used then. "My name is Brandon, hit you with the canon. I used to say the same thing over and over again." It worked because he won over his classmates, then eventually his management team, leading to his very first official song, "Hot Sauce." BSlime has made all of his songs this year and has his debut album, Baby GOAT, on the way. Listen to the kids, bro.

Updated: October 25, 2019


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