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Hailing from the rough spot of Shallow Side in Fort Lauderdale, FL, FCG Heem turns struggles into soaring melodies and hypnotic rhymes. After posting up 3 million views and 2 million streams independently and receiving the public endorsement of multiplatinum luminary YFN Lucci as well as NFL stars Eddie Jackson, Dalvin Cook, D.K. Metcalf, Jerry Juedy, Calvin Ridley, and Lamar Jackson, he formally tells this story on his debut project, Neighborhood Poetry.

“I’ve got a message,” he exclaims. “I’m trying to motivate the young people and give them something positive to look up to.”

Music found him at just three-years-old when dad brought home a karaoke machine. As a kid, he spent hours singing along, freestyling, and entertaining the family with a microphone in hand. Growing up of Jamaican descent, he would be exposed to reggae early on and developed a passion for artists such as Sizzla in addition to discovering R&B and hip-hop on his own. Citing 50 Cent as a favorite, he carefully cultivated a singular flow as a casual hobby. However, music became serious in 2018.

Fired from his job at Walmart and now a dad, he started to upload tracks to Soundcloud, beginning with “This Year.”

“I needed to find a way out,” he admits. “I turned to music.”

“Dead Weight” caught fire organically. Fellow Broward County native and Chicago Bears free safety Eddie Jackson enthusiastically evangelized and shared it online. The track perked up ears across the industry as it racked up over 224K Soundcloud plays. Along the way, Ferrari Fred introduced Lucci to FCG Heem. Adding more firepower to his corner, he signed to New Era Tha Label and 100K Management in between projects such as the Letter To My People EP and Street Virus EP. Republic Records took notice and welcomed him to the roster in 2020.

Now, he stunts on haters with the single “Ha Ha.” Over an airy beat, his flow floats towards an immediately irresistible and chantable hook practically levitating above the production.

“A lot of people have overlooked me,” he says. “So, now I’m saying, ‘Ha Ha,’ to them. They thought I wasn’t going to be anything and here I am.”

With Neighborhood Poetry and more music to come, FCG Heem’s story will undoubtedly leave a major mark on the game.

“When you listen to me, I just want you to feel it,” he leaves off. “That’s what it’s all about at the end for me.”


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