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YNW Bortlen recruits Toosii for “Lovey Dovey”

A close collaborator with YNW Melly, YNW Bortlen has been making a name for himself with well-received tracks like “Been Thru,” “Moschino Bae,” and “Young Nigga Shit.” Back in January, he continued his momentum with the EY3ZLOWBEATZ-produced cut “Iceee.”

This month, fans get to check out a new single from Bortlen titled “Lovey Dovey,” which features an assist from Toosii and sees the two rapping about a love interest that apparently wants more than what they’re providing:

“Even if she say she love me, I can’t give in knowing I can’t love, I just wanna be friends and fuck, I ain’t tryna tie you down and be your man, all about this money, and love can’t fit in/
It’s all about the grind, feelings don’t fit in, shawty say she miss me but I ain’t tryna miss these bands, I don’t want no kisses, bae, I’m tryna get my money up, broken heart, no love, quick to cut a bitch off.../”

Currently, YNW Bortlen is is said to be putting the final touches on his forthcoming project, which will be released via 100K Management — in addition to Melly, the company also worked with the likes of HotBoii and the late King Von. Hopefully, that body of work will be making landfall sooner than later.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy “Lovey Dovey” below.

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