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VladTV Sits Down With Hotboii For First Time Ever

via VladTV

In Hotboii's first-ever interview with VladTV, he started out by speaking about growing up in Orlando with his mother, a single parent, and four other siblings in the home. He then explained that his father has 14 other kids and wasn't really around to support him when things got tough growing up. Hotboii shared stories of being homeless, including getting his family evicted from a couple of places, and he went on to speak about stealing for the first time at 4.

Hotboii talked about how he transitioned from snatching iPhones as a means of making money to burglarizing homes. He said it wasn't guaranteed that you'd get anything valuable but on the flip side he never encountered any physical danger while breaking into homes. Hotboii also detailed how he eventually caught he first burglary charge at the age of 15.

Hotboii explained the inspiration behind his breakthrough single, "Don't Need Time," which has over 21 million views on YouTube alone. The rapper said the song was inspired by the death of his friend Wolf and was created seven days after he passed. Hotboii said Wolf tried calling him 30 minutes before he was killed. Without mentioning specifics of the incident, he said Wolf was his first close friend to die and made him "get a grip on life." He talked about not expecting "Don't Need Time" to blow up the way it did as well as getting Lil Baby on the remix. Hotboii called the Lil Baby feature an accomplishment due to the Atlanta rapper being one of his favorites. While the original track was inspired by Wolf's death, Hotboii said the remix was inspired by another friend who was killed by police.

Check out the 3 part interview below!





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